When the Dove Returns

When the Dove Returns tells the story of six survivors of a flood who have been stuck on a ship for thirty days. As the damage done to their world becomes clear, they have to find a way to rebuild their lives… How much humanity will we sacrifice when our lives are at stake?

This new, ambitious devised piece combines touching observations and outrageous humour in a dynamic, physical piece that makes the audience laugh, gasp and reflect.

This was our second devised show which was performed at the Blue Elephant Theatre between March 28th to April 1st 2017.

When the Dove Returns succeeds in providing a social commentary on the impact of environmental neglect while managing to offset the doom and gloom with a good dose of humour and eclectic flair.
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Evie: Ella Bellsz
Jane: Ciara Ellen Molloy
Joshua: Duncan Rendall
Kat: Yasmin Ahsanullah
Ned: James Little
Victoria: Alice Lavender

Director: Alice Lavender
Costume designer: Henri Gjestvang
Lighting designer: Ben Jacobs
Music director: Ella Bellsz
Producer: Emi Del Bene
Set designer and photography: Brittany Stillwell
Stage manager: Yasmin Ahsanullah
Operator: Becka Eden

Thanks to:
Tom Bauling
Robin Clarke
Margaret Jiggs Coldirons
Michaela Gasteratou
Jon Kerr
Rele Molapo
East 15 Acting School
University of Essex
Kenneth More Theatre
Blue Elephant Theatre