Bibs, Boats, Borders & Bastards

Bibs, Boats, Borders & Bastards
A Dramatic Rhapsody on the Refugee Crisis

In the first week of November 2015, we staged this political play in Clifftown Theatre after a 6 week rehearsal period. The intense research and rehearsal process as well as the strong reactions of our audience have given both us and our director Andre Pink the certainty that our message needs to be given a life outside of the university.

So last August, we brought our play to The Cockpit as part of the Camden Fringe! It was a delight to revisit the stories for both us and our audience.

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Bibs, Boats, Borders & Bastards highlights the political issues and delves into the people behind it all with documentary style scenes, puppetry, live music and bouffon scenes, creating a dynamic and riveting performance that questions your beliefs and viewpoints.

We’d like to thank every single person who helped us make this show happen, by donating, coming to see the performance or showing support in any other way.