When The Dove Returns


Last Spring, Backpack Theatre brought a brand new show called When The Dove Returns. Rehearsals are under way and at the end of March we will be performing at the Blue Elephant Theatre in Camberwell.

The cast members are Alice Middleton, Yasmin Ahsanullah, Ella Bellsz, James Little, Ciara Ellen Molloy and Duncan Rendall, all of whom were part of our previous show, Bibs, Boats, Borders & Bastards.

Other Backpack members are taking on different roles: Emi Del Bene is our producer and Alice Middleton will be directing the show, assisted by Rele Molapo. Ella Bellsz will be music director. We welcome fellow East 15-ers Michaela Gasteratou, who is in charge of the marketing team, and Brittany Stilwell as theatre designer.

In the technical team we are joined by lighting designer Ben Jacobs and Becka Eden as technical operator.

We hope to see you at the Blue Elephant Theatre!
You can buy your tickets here.