Bibs, Boats, Boarders & Bastards

Backpack Theatre Ensemble © 2015 Derek Adams Photography
Backpack Theatre Ensemble © 2015 Derek Adams Photography

Bibs, Boats, Borders & Bastards highlights the political issues and delves into the people behind the refugee crisis with documentary style scenes, puppetry, live music and bouffon scenes, creating a dynamic and riveting performance that questions your beliefs and viewpoints.

In the first week of November 2015, we staged this political play in Clifftown Theatre after a 6 week rehearsal period. The intense research and rehearsal process as well as the strong reactions of our audience have given both us and our director Andre Pink the certainty that our message needs to be given a life outside of the university.

We brought our play to The Cockpit theatre as part of the Camden Fringe in August 2016.

This is a great first show from Backpack Theatre (…) I’m sure this talented group will set sail again, they clearly have a passion for storytelling.
Read the full review by Views From The Gods here.


Alexander O’Connell
Alice Lavender
Birte Widmann
Bria de la Mare
Christian Anstee
Ciara Ellen Molloy
Duncan Rendall
Ella Bellsz
Emi Del Bene
James Little
Molly Dooner
Rele Molapo
Victor Itang
Yasmin Ahsanullah

Director: Andre Pink
Production Manager: Emi Del Bene
Set Design: Carlos Moral Reis
Costume: Susana Pedroso
Musical Director: Birte Widmann
Stage Manager: Yasmin Ahsanullah
Light & Sound: Ben Jacobs
Finance: Alexander O’Connell
Fundraising: James Little
Dramaturg: Bria de la Mare
Marketing & Props: Rele Molapo
Design & Editor: Ella Bellsz
Photography: Derek Adams

Thanks to:
The Cockpit
Camden Fringe
Clifftown Theatre
East 15
University of Essex
Tess Zoers
Margaret ‘Jiggs’ Coldiron
Ramiro Silveira
Steve Owen
Charlotte Windley
Carlos Moral Reis
Susana Pedroso
Andre Pink
Brittany Stillwell
Becka Eden
Ines Sampaio
Alpha Research
Emily de la Mare
Leon Rubin

Meet our cast and find out more about how we created the show in the video below!